Friday, 20 February 2009

*Vanity Insanity.

* Yeah, I didn't think of that myself. ;D

Well, I have nothing to do, and I'm through with being vain. I already take to many pictures of myself, but no one seems to complain... I'm hoping you all had an amazing Valentines day. Even though it's just an excuse to spend money on cards and roses. Honestly now, I still hate that freakin' day.

I also need money to buy some train tickets...

Oh Noes! It's Rant O'clock?!

I'm watching "Style by Jury" on Diva TV +1, and I have "Eyes of Horror" by Amon Amarth on repeat. It's a weird combo, but I'm coping. I'm planning on having my hair coloured, again, but I have no idea what colour? I was thinking about adding some coloured extensions, but that might look a bit too cheap. Speaking of cheap, as I took my last blink, a false eyelash has just fallen off. I took a few pictures with them on, but they seem to be lacking in "stick". :S If anyone knows how to make them sticky again, greatly appreiciated, folks. It's my schools half term, but they had to let us have a whole week off when the weather's turned bleak, and the snow is all gone. Well, I didn't actually go out in all the snow anyways. I just like looking at it from under a warm blanket and a wooly hat.

I'm in quite a bad mood, and all of this talk about "Laser dentistry" has made me feel kinda queasy. I have to go to the dentist in a few weeks... I honetly hate that place. I feel all weird, and my speech slurs. I've also been in a huge hype about "Are you anorexic, or something like that?" I hate hypocrites.

This song's getting a bit dull...

*Flips iTunes to, a random "Breaking Benjamin" song.*

All of that stuff is great. :)

To proceed with thy rant, why do people pay so much attention to their appearance? The amount of programs dedicated to some "fugly bint's" surgery is making me feel kinda un-easy. The whole idea of having chemicals injected into your skin makes me shiver a little.

What do you all think? If plastic surgery was meant to be, there would be no risks what-so-ever.
Honestly... Would would find that appealing?

Eh, my stupid interent keeps crashing, and the "Save now" button is messed up. I have already lost half of my post-y, but nevermind.

And yes, Radpants, WE WILL GANG-RAPE JIMMY URINE!! xD It's nice to have some random person agree with you. :P

And with that I leave you with a video.

Ciaco n00bs.



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