Tuesday, 10 February 2009

"I'll follow you into the dark..."

Mother Fo-ing CHAVS! The ultimate scum of the universe. I hear "Oi Greebo" pretty much everywhere. To which I reply "Are you calling me fat?" Sadly, they don't hear me other the gaggle surrounding them. Honestly now.... When was being a tangerine fashionable?


I miss the simple days. At primary school, where people would mix with other people, no matter what they looked like, skin colour, accent, weight? We would all just mingle and be happy, with the occasional "stickle brick in eye". So sweet and simple.

Per usual, I'm sitting at Hitler (my laptop), furiously typing this before someone walks into my living room. Mortifying, isn't it? Hopefully we wont have another powercut... they seem so... awkward?
*Lol-s at own joke.*
Also, I'm trying to cope with my interesting iTunes. (Note the Death cab for cutie title.)It honestly has a mind of its own. Hitler must be taking over my other "appliances". Oh, and my straighteners fused this morning... Whatta bunch of rebels... I'm trying to type slower, but I can hear foot steps. It's not like I care if people know I blog in my spare time, (So to speak...) It's just I'm funny about these things... :/ Well, anyways... Enough of this pointless, minor post...
I love you all...



  1. don't ask me how I found your blog because I don't know LOL

    but I know what you mean about like
    you don't care about people knowing that you do something but you don't really want them to be there at the time kinda thing
    I won't talk on MSN if there's anyone else in my room LOL

    ...unless it's them I'm talking to on MSN, but that's a bit of interwebz abuse

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    1. Let this be your catalyst to Seventh-Heaven:

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